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Italy Adv

Does your brand speak Italian?

We are a full service digital marketing agency. Most of all, we are Italians.
If you are planning to expand your business in Italy, choose a local agency to approach the market with authentic words.

We assist you in introducing your brand in Italy, as we have the network and the experience to lead your company to a successful marketing campaign in our country.

We help you aligning your words and actions (catalogue, web site, ads and other marketing tools) to adapt perfectly the Italian market. We support you in building a strong relationship between your brand and Italians, working on every level, offline and online, developing creative integrated marketing activities across all communication channels.

We also work as advisor in selecting best performing media for your campaigns and as digital strategist for online web marketing activities with relevant Italian web communities (foodies, mommy bloggers, fashion bloggers, crafty women, aso).

Our offices are located in Bologna, a key place to reach the major industrial hubs of fashion, food and machinery, as well as all cultural and entertainment centers and close to Milan.

What we offer

Cocicom combines online marketing, advertising, seo copywriting and digital pr with classic offline activities to become a cross-media agency.

•    corporate identity, naming, branding, logo design, brand communication, packaging design

•   copywriting, translation to Italian (re-write)

•   editing, printing, e-books, e-catalogues

•   seo copywriting, web design and web development

•   web marketing, web adv, media center

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English and German  spoken.

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Digital tutor

Consulenza strategica e orientamento

Alle PMI che si affacciano alla comunicazione digitale, Cocicom offre incontri di orientamento su web, social media e digital marketing.


Collabora con noi

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La nostra sede è a Bologna, in zona Mazzini (uscita 11bis della tangenziale).